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Five Developing Trends of Belt Conveyor and Screw Conveyor

Date: Feb 11,2014

Conveying machine is a kind of material transporting machine that continuously conveys materials on a certain line, which is also called continuous conveyor. The conveyor can be divided into belt conveyor, roller conveyor, bucket conveyor, measuring conveyor, plate chain conveyor, mesh belt conveyor and so on, which can convey materials in horizontal, inclined and vertical ways or compose space conveying line. The conveying line is usually fixed. The conveyor has such features of large conveying capacity, long haul distance, reliable quality and so on, which can also complete a number of process operations at the same time in conveying process. Hence, it is widely used in a variety of industries. In this article, Hongxing Machinery as the famous conveyor manufacturer will introduce five development trends of belt conveyor and screw conveyor.

1. Realizing automation control

The automation control can make the screw conveyor and belt conveyor in China better meet requirements of both customers and markets, which is closely related to development of detecting technique, communication technology and automated control technology.

2. Reducing consumption of energy and resource as much as possible

Computing standards of energy and resource consumption will be carried out according to the energy consumption of conveying 1 ton of materials handling 1 km. This is one of the most important development direction in the future.

3. Reducing all kind of pollution of belt and screw conveyor generated at work

Energy conservation and environmental protection is a permanent theme. All sectors should try their best to reduce environmental pollution and save energy, so does conveying industry.

4. Developing towards large-scale direction

Large-scale direction includes large conveying capacity, length of single machine and so on. Currently, the length of world's longest hydraulic conveying device has exceeded four hundred kilometers. The length of the longest single machine of belt and screw conveyor has been close to 15 kilometers. And the belt conveying machine that connects two cities has been appeared. The world's major developed countries have also been studying the belt and screw conveyor that have longer conveying distance, larger and continuous conveying capacity.

5. Developing toward the directions of higher performance and better function

The belt conveyor and screw conveyor which have higher performance and better function can work in extreme temperature environment, corrosive and radioactive environment, which also can convey flammable, explosive, high-temperature and viscous materials. And the screw conveyor and belt conveyor in mining will have more promising future.

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