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Management of Wearing Parts Is the Key to Increase Capacity of Roll Crusher

Date: Feb 12,2014

The roll crusher is different from other types of crushing equipment, which crushes ores mainly relying on extrusion force between two rollers. Other crusher like impact crusher realizes crushing by materials driven by rotor hitting lining plate. Although the crushing methods are different, but the results are the same. We cannot say which method is the best, because the suitable method is just the best method. There is no good or bad, only suitable or not. The most important parts of rock roll crusher are two rollers. Roller crusher without two rollers is just like the tiger without teeth. And the high-quality roll crusher wins the praise of many crustomers, which well develops in mining, metallurgy, chemistry, building and other industries.

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How to increase material crushing capacity of roll crusher is a problem most concerned about by our customers. When using roll crusher, customers pay special attention to performance, quality and capacity of roller crushers. The roller crusher manufacturers also continuously improve and upgrade roll crusher so as to make it have higher quality and performance to better satisfy needs of customers. According to many years of production experience, Hongxing Machinery as one of the best manufacturers of roller crusher finds that management of wearing parts is the key to increase capacity of roll crusher. We can fully see the internal structure of host just by opening the upper protective cover of current crushers. The damage of any parts can be seen at a glance. The replacement of wearing parts is easier. Wearing parts of roll crusher are roller skin and guard board of crumbling compartment. Upper and lower guard boards are mainly used to protect machine, which are designed to prevent materials from having a direct impact on machine directly. Wearing degree of them are relatively less, the main abrasion lies in roller skin. So, maintenance and replacement of roller skin become the key.

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