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The ore concentrate produced by Hongxing is applied to concentrator dehydration of concentrate and tailings, and it can increase pulp with density of 20-30% to 40-70%, so the concentrator is widely used in metallurgical, chemical, coal, non-metallic mineral processing, environmental protection and other industries.

high efficiency thickner

Performance characteristics of coal concentrator

1. Flocculant is added into the machine to increase sedimentation particle size of solid particles, thereby accelerating the pace of sedimentation.
2. The installation of inclined plates can reduce particles settling distances, and increase settlement area.
3. It fully plays flocculation, filtration, compression and other functions of dense mud deposition layer, and enhances its capacity.
4. Equipped with a complete auto-control facilities.

Working principle of high efficiency thickner

The high efficiency thickner produced by Hongxing is mainly composed of circular thickener and rake scraper. Solid particles suspended in the mine pulp thickener setter under gravity, so the clarified water at the top can separate solid and liquid. The slurry deposited in concentrated sludge at the bottom of the pool will be scraped to the bottom center continuously by the rake scraper and discharged through discharge opening, while the clarified water will be overflowed along on the top of thickener tank.

Installation of ore concentrate

1. Set the sub-beam of movable beam in the central cylindrical and take it off to the end.
2. Set center supporting part on the top of concrete cylinder center, fasten and suspend anchor bolt, find out horizonal and center line, and fix machine with 1:2 cement mortar.
3. The installation of orbit should be in line with central supporting part, then correct and fix orbit.
4. Install movable beam.
(1) Install triangle end section.
(2) Install head section of movable beam.
(3)Install driving part.
(4) Install sub-beam.
(5) Install scraper.
(6) Check all the weld parts in movable beam.
5. Install fixed beam
6. Install pipe in fixed beam or chute to feed pulp.
7. Install electric cable.
8. Eliminate all the dirt inside the concentrator to ensure safe production and concentrated product is not contaminated.
9. Install ancillary equipment.

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