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Four Effective Methods Increasing Output of Sand Washer

Date: Feb 10,2014

In sand production line, sand washing machine is very significant. With the development of national economic construction, the demand for sand is increasing greatly, which asks higher requirements for quality and quantity of artificial sand due to shortage of natural sand. Sand washer belongs to large machinery equipment. We all know that output is closely related to the interest of sand washing machine. Of course, output is also a key factor that the customers pay attention to of sand washing equipment. To increase the output of sand washing machine, we should mainly starts from the following four points.

1. Excellent quality of sand as the raw material

The soil content of raw sand is the decisive factor influencing output of sand washing machine. Soil content is mainly referred to how many of the impurities like clay, stone, shell and so on. Besides, the size of particle size of stone will also affect output of sand washer.

2. Normative and skillful operation

Operators of equipment will also affect output of sand washer. So, before using, both sand washing plant manufacturers and users must do a good training work of operating personnel to make them understand working principle, performance characteristics and a variety of matters needing attention.

3. Good quality of sand washer

Using effect of any equipment is closely related to quality of equipment itself. It's well known that the experience and value brought by same product are very different due to the differences in quality of equipment.

4. Good maintenance of equipment

The washing sand machine should be maintained regularly so as to keep it in good working condition, which not only the premise of ensuring output of sand washing machine, but greatly improves service life, after having finished works of sand washing machine in production lines, its' very necessary to maintain the mechanical equipment.

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