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Vibrating Feeder Plays an Important Role in Gravel Production

Date: Jul 27,2014

vibrating feeder

When the vibrating feeder and crusher form a joint operation, it can guarantee the even and continuous feeding of gravels, and eliminate the overload danger of the crusher. According to the nature of vibration feeding machine function, it can be divided into single function and continuous function. The widely used type is the continuously automatic regulating feeding. Vibrating feeder is different from ordinary feeders, and its bucket used for packaging materials bears vibration with the aid of the vibrator. If the working condition of vibrator is changed, the feeding speed of materials can be adjusted.

In the feeder, it is usually equipped with a vibrator which has partial core. When the regular and accurate adjustment of feeding is needed, the electromagnetic vibrator can be used. In the large feeder, it often has several vibrators on the carriage structure vibration feeder. The movement of the spring can be guaranteed through the shock absorber spring which is hanging on a rope or installed in a horizontal and vertical planes. The vibrating feeder, especially the electromagnetic vibration feeder, has high dependability and high productivity. They can weigh various extremely different materials, such as wet, dry, powder, viscous, hot materials, etc.

The friction has been greatly reduced when the loose material is in vibration, so in a variety of loading and unloading processes, the vibrator can be used to promote the materials. Now the vibration feeder and weighing device are widely used, which will be very promising in the near future due to the automatic production. They have high productivity as well as high measuring accuracy. The weighing device has band calculation function, which can weigh many components according to the technological process.

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