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Material Is a Crucial Factor Influencing Quality of Sand

Date: Feb 10,2014

Many customers know that there are two factors influencing quality of sand, namely crushing and screening methods. Crushing method is the first reason affecting grading of manufactured sand. While screening method is the final and the most important reason influencing grading particles of artificial sand. But the original factor determining the quality of artificial sand in sand making production line is material. The crushing of material is not a simple thing. How to make the quality of artificial sand better is the most important for manufacturer of sand making equipment, which mainly depends on the selection of materials.

Selection of materials is mainly reflected in several aspects, including viscosity, hardness, fineness and humidity. Let's take the viscosity of materials as an example. Because stone is a product formed by long-term movement of earth crust, so different stones have different viscosity. For sand making equipment in sand production line, too large viscosity of materials will affect normal operation of equipment, which are also easier to stick on the machine, which not only influence working efficiency of equipment, but cause some damage to sand making production line.

On the other hand, materials with large hardness are not easy to be crushed. If the selected model of sand making machine is not suitable for the hardness of materials to be crushed, there will also cause some damage to equipment. The humidity of materials should also be suitable. The fineness of materials is determined by configuration and cooperation of each machine in sand making production line. Higher cooperation degree of each machine means higher crushing efficiency, finer materials to be crushed and more reasonable grading of artificial sand.

Thus it can be seen that materials, abrasive resistance and quality of each machine in sand making production line are important reasons producing high-quality artificial sand. If you want to produce artificial sand that more accord with requirements of customers, it's very important to select good equipment and raw materials. For more content and problems, please visit our website:

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