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Prolong the Service Life of Sand Maker by Scientific Use

Date: Nov 10,2013

Sand maker has been widely used in many industrial departments, but its service life remains a question worth researching, as different sand making machines have different service life. Then how can we prolong the service life of sand maker? Here the technicians of Hongxing Machinery will give a detailed introduction.

sand maker

(1) Before starting sand maker, check whether the observation door of the vortex motion chamber is tightly closed to prevent the materials from rushing out of the observation door and cause damage. In addition, check the rotating direction of the impeller. Seen from the material feeding mouth, the impeller should rotate in the counter-clockwise direction; otherwise adjust the connection of the motor.

(2) The starting order of the sand making equipment and the conveying machines should follow the standard, which refers to first discharging the materials inside the machine and then start it. When starting sand maker, make sure there is no material in it and feed it after it begins normal operation. The stoppage order should be in the opposite order with the starting order.

(3) The feeding particles should strictly go with the standard, and it is forbidden to feed the materials bigger than the stipulated granularity into the sand making machinery. Otherwise, it will cause imbalance and over abrasion of the impeller and even cause blockage of the impeller passage and influence the normal operation of the sand maker, for this reason, when large materials are fed into the machine, timely remove them.

(4) In the running process of the sand maker, there should not strong vibration and abnormal noises, if there is, timely stop the machine and check it.

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