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Hongxing Machinery Embarks on a New Journey in 2014

Date: Feb 11,2014

Auspicious horse ushers New Year and flying snow welcomes spring’s return. A heavy snow after New Year stopped people going back to work, but it can never stop the enthusiasm of Hongxing people constantly moving forward. Feb 8 is the first day of Hongxing staff in 2014, even though the snow is heavy, Hongxing staff were still all here gathering in front of the office building and declare aloud their goal, their dream and their attitude.

“Forge ahead in unity, blaze new trails in a pioneering spirit, work hard to create a better future together.” This is their slogan, their promise as well as the guarantee of Hongxing Machinery becoming more and more powerful day by day.

A timely heavy snow promises a good harvest and our motherland is manifesting new things. A heavy snow that has accumulated for a year comes to us just like the best wishes of New Year and scatters plenty of wishes to wish our motherland, wish our bright together and wish every Chinese people have a happy life and Hongxing Machinery become more powerful.

Just in the white snow and amidst the sound of firecrackers, Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. officially begins the working patter of the Year of Horse, and every employee walks to their operating post and begins the new journey of the New Year. All the departs including production management department, quality inspection department, material supply department, technical development department, after-sales service department, E-commerce department, human resource department, planning department, security department, sales development and financial department quickly enter working state and they have had the in-department conference to make a New Year working plan to pay attention to every detail and make a good contribution to the development of Hongxing Machinery.

Soft spring says goodbye to the past year and impetuous horse ushers the New Year. Since 2014 has come, Hongxing Machinery is here wishing every one lead the field in the new journey, carry forward vigorous spirit, work hard to achieve success and make a good contribution to the Company.

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