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How to Remove the Rust of Sand Maker?

Date: Jul 04,2014

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As is known to all, most of the machines such as sand maker, crusher and mill are made of iron. After the long time outdoor working or a long idle period, they are easy to become rusty. In addition, the rust of crushing cavity is due to the friction between its inner wall and the materials (usually the rocks or ore with large hardness) during the crushing process. The rust phenomenon should be timely dealt with in order to prevent the damage of the machine, otherwise, it may affect the normal use of sand making machine. During the following paragraphs, Hongxing Machinery will introduce four rust removing methods for you:

1. Chemical removing method. It adopts the chemical reaction principle of acid and metal oxide to get rid of the rust corrosion on the high efficiency sand maker surface. It is known as pickling, which can only be operated in the workshop;

2. High-pressure water abrasive blasting method. It refers to the impact of high pressure water jet (plus the role of abrasive grinding) and water lever action to remove the corrosion and rust of the sand making machine. It has better rust removing effect, no dust pollution and damage to the machine. It greatly improves the efficiency of the sand maker, which can reach more than 15m2/h. But the steel plate is easy to be rusty again after rust removal, so it must be coated with specialized wet rustproof paint;

3. The wind-driven or electric rust removing method. In order to meet the requirements of various occasions, assemble the suitable rusting removing device to make it in reciprocating or rotary motion with the driving force of electric or compressed air;

4. Smear the oxidation resistant paint. Coat the mineral oil, paint or baking enamel and plastic on the surface of iron product. On the surface of the steel product, plate a layer of rust proof metal, such as zinc, chromium, nickel and tin with the electroplating or hot plating methods. The oxide metal surface can form a layer of dense; thereby it can prevent the iron products from getting rusty. The chemical method is also available to make the iron products surface form a layer of oxide film to prevent the rusting of iron products.

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