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Iron Ore Screening Equipment Is Essential for Steel Industrial

Date: Ju 21,2013

Iron ore resources is important based material for the development of steel industrial in China, although iron resources is rich, but most are with lower taste and complex impurities content, so it is hard to select so that cannot be effectively utilized. In terms of the features, Hongxing company after years research makes breakthrough and launches iron ore screening equipment with quite high screening efficiency; and in environmental energy saving aspects, iron ore screening equipment is also with advantage, it can make well use of domestic iron ore resources, which accelerates fast development of steel industrial, while also increases economic benefits and social benefits.

We often adopt ore separating line to separate copper ore; ore separating line is composed of crushers (including rough breaker and fine breaker), ball mills, classifier, iron ore concentrator, flotation machine and drying machine. According to the composition of the ores, we can design appropriate mineral processing technology and equipment.
Ores are initially broken to reasonable degree of fineness by jaw crusher, then via the bucket elevator, ore feeder are evenly sent into ball mill for crushing and grinding. After being ground by ball mill, ores are sent into classifier for washing and grading. After being washed and graded, mineral mixture will be dealt by magnetic separation machines and flotation machine until minerals and other substances are separated. After the desired minerals being separated, they shall be preliminarily concentrated by thickener, because they contains large amounts of water; and then dried by dryer machine so that we can get dry minerals.
Copper and iron ore concentrator is the primary equipment for smelting copper and iron resources, its quality is significantly to be improved, so that we can make better pavement for the development of mining field.

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