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Ways to improve the grinding effect of small ball mill

Date: Jul 21,2018

Small ball mill in the industry is an important grinding equipment, in the industrial production occupies an important position, because of its good grinding effect, the equipment internal structure is simple, the frequency of failure and so many advantages, this is the vast number of users choose it is an important reason. Equipment in operation after a period of time, the internal temperature will rise, while to a certain extent to reduce the effect of grinding, now we look at the impact of small ball mill grinding effect of factors have?

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The friction of the material in the small ball mill body, from the process point of view, the material's grindability decreases with the increase of temperature. In the area with high fineness in the small ball mill, the fine particles of cement will rub against each other to produce electrostatic adsorption. In addition to coagulation, they are also adsorbed on the grinding body of the cement small ball mill to form a so-called buffer layer, which significantly reduces the small cement ball mill. The effect of grinding; and the higher the temperature, the more serious the side effects of this cohesive grinding. In addition, the high temperature inside the small ball mill will cause the cement to slowly condense Liu-gypsum completely dehydrated, causing the cement to pseudo-coagulate or quick-condense, which affects the quality of the cement. The higher the fineness, the more obvious the effect of temperature. Therefore, by analyzing the process, the damage of the small ball mill is really not small.

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