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How to Select the Casting Material for the Spindle of Hammer Crusher?

Date: Oct 17,2014

There are many casting material for the spindle of hammer crusher, in the design of the spindle, its longitude, rigidity, abrasion resistance and other requirements should be taken into consideration. In order to achieve these requirements, the heat treatment method, manufacturing problems are related to the reasonable selection of casting materials of the spindle, which can guarantee the economical and reasonable design process of the crusher. The commonly used materials for shaft is the NO.35, 45, 50 high quality carbon structural steel, of which the most commonly used is the NO.45 steel. For the spindle with smaller load or less important axis, it is also available with Q235, Q275 and other ordinary carbon structural steel. For the larger force, the weight and size of shaft is restricted, and some special requirements of the shaft can adopt alloy steel.

Hammer Crusher

Because the nodular cast iron and high strength cast iron has good performance, which is easy to cast into complex shapes, and it also has good damping property, which has little influence of fulcrum displacement, so it is often used in the manufacture of complex shaped shaft. Especially the development of Mg ductile iron in our country, with its good impact toughness, anti friction, vibration absorption, low stress concentration sensitivity and small influence of fulcrum displacement, it can reduce the phenomenon that the hammer crusher machine rotor bearing temperature is too high, so it is often used in the manufacture of complex shaped shaft. It has been used for the important shaft parts manufacturing of automobile, tractor and other vehicle.

According to the journal design requirements of hammer crusher, the shaft can be processed go through the whole or surface disposal before processing, as well as the surface strengthening treatment and chemical treatment and so on, so as to improve the strength and wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties. In the general working temperature, the elastic modulus of carbon steel alloy mesh is similar, so only in order to improve the stiffness of the shaft and the choice of alloy steel is not suitable. Generally, the rolling shaft is made by steel forging and cutting machines. The diameter of the shaft can be small, which can be manufactured by the round steel bar; for the important, large diameter or diameter with large shaft step change, it can adopt forging billet. In order to save metal and improve process, large diameter shaft also can be made into the hollow shape, and it should be equipped with a welding or forging edge.

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