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The Installation and Maintenance Skills of Spiral Classifier

Date: Aug 31,2014

Spiral classifier is the equipment for mechanical classifying which uses the principle that different solid particle size has specific gravity so that sinking velocity is different in liquids. For the newly purchased classifier, it can be put into use after being installed; so what should we pay attention to during its installation? The first is to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the machine, and then ensure the good supporting effect on the classifier.

Spiral Classifier

After the complete installation of spiral classifier, it can be put into use. When feeding the materials, just feed materials slowly into the machine, which leads to the higher quality of material stratification. Sometimes, when the classifier in working, there may be some blockages and stuck phenomena, at this time, do not shut down the machine, the first thing to do is to lift the spiral to avoid blockage, and then shut down the machine. When the classifier starts again, the screw needs to rotate to a certain position for its operation. If the job finished, you can no longer add materials to the classifier.

The maintenance of classifier is the key step to extend the service life of spiral classifier. In the working process of spiral classifier, it will inevitably some wear or rust problems, at this time, the classifier will need to be maintained. First of all, the bearing must often be added some lubricating oil, so as to ensure that the classifier can efficiently accomplish the task in the production process. Furthermore, each time when the classifier is working, the staff should check the classifier, the worn parts must be timely replaced and the plug must be timely cleaned. Only in this way, the spiral classifier will operate more smoothly.

In fact, there are a lot of points that need to paid attention to for the maintenance of spiral classifier, in addition to the replacement of worn parts, the cleaning jam places is also of great significance to extend the service life of the classifier. Whether it is before or after operation,it needs very good cleaning and inspection for its better performance in the next production process. Furthermore, the cost of large classifier equipment is relatively large, so, improving its service life and working efficiency are also effective measures to reduce its investment.

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