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Structure and Equipment Composition of Mobile Crushing Station

Date: Feb 12,2014

Mobile crushing station adopts integrated design, which is a small materials processing factory. The equipment involved in mobile crushing station includes feeding equipment, crushing equipment, screening equipment, conveying equipment, iron removal and dust removal equipment, etc. High efficiency of mobile crushing station is closely related to close cooperation between various machines. Mobile crushing station with high efficiency, stability, convenient movement and easy maintenance is the main product in mining machinery industry, which is also the development trend of crusher industry. Here, Hongxing Machinery, the famous manufacturer of mobile crushing station, will introduce several equipment of mobile crushing station detailedly.

1. Feeding equipment

Relying on self-vibration characteristic, feeding equipment can sent the materials to mouth cavity of crushing or grinding equipment evenly. Hongxing GZT series feeding equipment can carry out preliminary screening, which can screen and convey materials that comply with the size specification to different stock piles. The commonly used feeding equipment is vibrating feeder.

2. Crushing equipment

Crushing equipment is core part of mobile crushing station, which can receive materials conveyed by feeding equipment and crush them into small materials that comply with the specifications required by customers in the crushing cavity. According to differences of materials, mobile crushing station can equipment with different crushing equipment. Difference of crushing equipment determines the different projects of mobile crushing station.

3. Screening equipment.

The screening equipment used in a mobile crushing station is mainly referred to vibrating screen, which is applied to convey materials crushed by crushing equipment through delaminated sieve to finished product pile or returning to crusher for re-crushing. Taking advantage of vibration of eccentric shaft, the vibrating screen makes materials scroll up. During this time, materials will be screened into several different sizes through different screens, and then be sent to belt conveyor of each layer of screen.

4. Conveying equipment

Conveying equipment is mainly used to convey materials to be crushed and screened. Conveying equipment of a complete set of mobile crushing station includes discharging conveying equipment and feeding back conveying equipment. All these equipment composes recycling system of feeding, crushing, screening and conveying until all the materials comply with the size specifications required by customers.

5. Iron removal and dust removal equipment

Iron removal equipment is used when materials to be crushed or ground contain metallics. Dust removal equipment can effectively prevent dust pollution and reduce waste of materials.

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