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Linear Vibrating Screen Can Effectively Complete Many Screening Works

Date: Feb 24,2014

Linear vibrating screen is one of light-type screening equipment, which can remove, filter and classify impurities according to different materials of customers. Linear vibrating screen can be used single-layer or multi-layer, which can reach six layers at most and screen seven kinds of materials with different granularity.

Screening effect of linear vibrating screen is mainly determined by natural of materials, granularity, length of linear vibrating screen and so on. In order to ensure production capacity of linear vibrating screen, materials on screening surface have a certain thickness. When thickness of materials on screening surface reaches a certain degree, quantity of materials getting through screen surface is mainly depended on width of vibrating screen. Screening efficiency of linear vibrating screen is directly related to length of vibrating screen. If the length of vibrating screen is too long, it will make the screened materials cannot be out of screen surface quickly, thus influencing screen efficiency. Conversely, if the length of materials on screen surface is too short, the materials cannot be screened fully.

Linear vibrating screen is widely used in various powder processing industries, food, chemical industry, medicine and other industries. The representative products of light-type screening equipment are linear vibrating screen and circular vibrating screen. Linear vibrating screen can produce different vibrating trajectories according to different installation methods, thus effectively completing various screening operations. It has such features as stability, reliability, low noise, low noise, long lifespan, stable vibration mode, high screening efficiency, simple structure and so on, which is mainly composed of screening box, sieving frame, vibration motor, motor pedestal, damper spring, bracket and so on. Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. can produce different screening equipment according to different materials of customers, we professionally manufacture high frequency screen, rotary screen, Chinaware ball mill and so on. If you want to know more information about mining machinery equipment, please visit our website or dial +86-371- 67833161.

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