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Good Management Can Improve Service Life of Mining Equipment

Date: Feb 28,2014

If you want to scientifically use mining machinery equipment, you must have a set of perfect management system. A set of perfect management system includes many things. Firstly, establish technical dossier of mechanical equipment, including original mechanical technical documents, handover registration form, operation record, maintenance record, technical transformation and so on. Secondly, strengthen business accounting and assessment of single machine so as to give full play economic benefits of existing machine, reduce use cost of mining machinery and improve mechanical efficiency.

1. Improve management and quality of operating personnel

Only by improving management of people can we do a good job of equipment management. Hence, quality and skill of operating personnel directly affect overall management level of mining machinery. Operating personnel and administrative staff should strengthen education and business training to adapt to requirements of new equipment and improve management level. Only by ensuring relative stability of management personnel and operating staff can we maximize the economic benefits finally.

2. Strengthen safety management of mechanical equipment

Mechanical security incident is the enemy of use of equipment. a security incident not only results in damage of equipment and personnel causalities, but delays material production ,thus causing huge losses. Hence, use and management department should often organize management and operating personnel to learn and implement each safety production and management system, and carry out regular and irregular safety check of mechanical equipment to timely eliminate all kinds of potential safety hazard.

Quality of maintenance and upkeep of any equipment is premise and foundation of using mechanical equipment, mining machinery is no exception. In the process of long-term use, spare parts of mechanical equipment will be worn, which will destroy static balancing and dynamic balancing of mechanical equipment. Stability, reliability and working efficiency of mining equipment will also reduce significantly, which will even cause permanent damage of some spare parts. Hence, good management is very necessary to improve service life of mining equipment.

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