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How Can Repair Jaw Crusher Parts in Winter

Date: Ja 04,2014

In winter, the temperature is very low, the jaw crusher machine which works in outdoors should be paid attention to. Since the beginning of this winter, various customers have reflected that the jaw crusher couldn't be started or even cracked. The reason for this situation is the material that jaw crusher parts use. The spare parts of jaw crushing machine are steel materials, in the case of low temperature, the toughness of the steel will be discounted, which is easy to fracture. Besides, the work objects of mining jaw crusher are hard stones, which is prone to damage the accessories of jaw rock crushers. Hence, the maintenance and upkeep work of jaw crusher parts is of much concern.

jaw crusher

The sharp drop of temperature in winter directly affects lubricating ability of lubrication oils of jaw crusher accessories, thus affecting the bearing operation. This is the direct factor which leads to the decline in output of jaw crusher in China. Hence, we should solve this problem first.

Firstly, we should increase specially-made thermal insulation layer for the outer fuel tank. In order to keep good lubricating environment of bearing, we should gas the bearing once a day and regularly check the oil pipeline, and clean up in time.

Secondly, you need pay attention to when filling oil. The main shaft of rock jaw crusher machine is sliding bearing, and the transmission part use rolling bearing. As for the bearing of analyzer, clean it every six months.

In the cold winter, we should maintain the mechanical equipment regularly to reduce unnecessary losses. We hope that the customers attach great importance to the maintenance works of jaw crusher accessories.

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