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Urbanization Construction Boosts Investment in Crusher

Date: Sept 09,2013

Nowadays the crushing equipment manufacturing companies pay more and more attention to the research, development and production of highly efficient and energy saving crushing machinery. The two Sessions in 2013 stress again the importance of expanding domestic demand and treat unswervingly boosting domestic demands as a strategic guideline for economic development for a long time and fully bring the basic role of consumption and the key role of investment. Urbanization construction will bring 40 trillion investments in the coming ten years, which drive the crusher industry to welcome new growth point.

In 2013, ecological civilization construction will become the theme of machinery manufacturing industry, the pursuit of green and environment protection, energy conservancy and emission reduction and ecological construction will be more important than even before, especially that the building material industry like cement that has serious pollution and energy wastes needs urgent reform and limestone crushing, clinker crushing and grinding mill equipment will become the focus of the reform.

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In the domestic market, the cry for energy conservancy, emission reduction, environment protection and high efficiency is stronger and stronger and people’s awareness of building green and conservation-minded society is more and more obvious. This will drive the development of sand aggregate and the relevant crushing machine and the market space of sand making equipment will also improve, but seen from the development tendency, the research and development and production of energy-saving, environmentally-friendly and highly efficient crushing and sand making machine will become the predominating direction.

Crushing machine has been developed for several centuries in our country. With the constant innovation of science and technology, crushing also experienced many changes in crushing technology, working method and production means. However, due to the backward of the whole scientific and technical level, crushers are not fundamentally reformed and the problems of resources waste and environment pollution produced in the working process remain to be solved.

Through optimizing the structure of the products and the spare parts, maximize the working efficiency of the crusher with the most economical means. The close-down of large and small coal mines and small-sized cement factories and the successive construction of new large-sized ore dressing plants, large coal dressing plants and large cement plants has higher requirement for mining equipment and require more energy-saving and environmentally friendly crushing equipment with big processing capacity, high separation efficiency and reliable operation.

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