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Parameter Design of V-belt for Ring Stone Impact Crusher

Date: Ju 20,2013

V-belt is the main part of ring stone impact crusher, it delivers power relying on the friction generated by the pressure of two sides of v-belt and a side of wheel groove. Unfit v-belt design has a large impact on the efficiency of stone impactor. This article will focus on the design method of impact crushing machine v-belt parameters.

1) V-belt powerWhen calculate power P of v-belt, we should take transmission power P1, load and working time into account. P=KA.P2, where KA is the coefficient, generally of 1.4, P2 is required rated power (kW).
2) Determine standard diameters of big and small pulleys, and calculate belt speed
The smaller standard diameter of small pulley is, the bigger the bending stress of v-belt is, thus reducing the life of stone impactor v-belt. Conversely, if the standard diameter of small pulley is too large, the overall outline size driven by v-belt drive increases, which makes structure compact, so we should take into account the standard diameter series in design process, and make it greater than or equal to the minimum value. Belt speed should be controlled within the context of 5~25m/s; excessive speed may cause larger centrifugal forces, reducing the life of stone impact crusher belt; if the speed is too small, in the situation of passing power is intact, required v-belt increases. According to the transmission ratio and small pulley diameter, large pulley diameter of stone impactor is available to get.
3) Determine center distance and belt length, check round angle of small bully
If center distance of stone impact crusher A0 is too large, the structure transmission size will be large and the v-belt is easy to quiver; if center distance is too small, round angle of small bully will reduce, so that reduce transmission capacity and reduce belt life of stone impactor. Normally, we take primary election with the following formula:
0.7 (DD1+DD2) ≤ A0 ≤ 2(DD1+DD2)
According to these primaries to determine center distance elementarily, then depending on the selected datum length to finalize the center distance of stone impactor.


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