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Developing Focus of Dual-rotor Impact Pulverizer

Date: Ju 17,2013

Dual-rotor impact pulverizer is mainly used for crushing brittle materials such as gypsum and limestone in cement, mining , chemical and other industries. The impact pulverizer has simple structure, easy maintenance, large reduction ratio, low power consumption, long service life and other advantages. According to the rotation direction of rotor, dual-rotor impact pulverizer can be divided into three types: two rotors with opposite directions, two rotors with same direction, two rotors with same direction but different heights.

When two rotors of dual-rotor counterattack impact crusher rotate with same direction, two rotors are parallelly arranged with some height difference, just like two sets of single-rotor counterattack impact crusher are working. Two rotors are with board hammers, but theirs numbers are different, height and shape are also not different, and running speeds of two rotors are also different, so, a rotor is responsible for rough breaking work, and the other rotor is responsible for fine crushing work.
The series impact crushing machine, however, has limits on the processing of materials, for example, the impact crushing machine cannot handle material with grain size greater than 350mm, or compressive strength up to 140MPa. Although product granularity is even, but power consumption is large.These issues will be important issues to be improved and resolved in the future.
With the development of science and technology and importance on environment,impact crushing machine will develop to healthy, high-efficiency and low-energy direction in the future, so that they can supply better service for the production of human life.

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