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How to Improve Abrasion Resistance of Rock Impact Crusher Hammer

Date: Ju 19,2013

In working process, rock impact crusher strikes mineral ores relying on high-speed operation of the hammer until they are crushed to be required particle size. However, hammer of rock impact crusher is easily worn, which is to a great extent caused by low abrasion resistance, thereby affecting productivity of impactor equipment. So, how to improve abrasion resistance of rock impact crusher hammer is of great importance.
In terms of the low abrasion resistance of impactor breaker hammer at work, there are two solutions for choice:
(1) Introduce new design or new material to replace the traditional hammer material, and redesign heat treatment process of mineral impact crusher.If traditional raw materials of hammer such as high-manganese steel receives greater pressure at work, its work hardening phenomenon will be more obvious, and the formation of hardened layer will be more complete, so we increase hammer weight to consolidate its hardening effect and improve the wearability of hammer. Also, we can choose materials with better abrasion resistance to make the hammerhead of mineral impact crusher.
(2) Deal with materials before they entering impactor equipment to increase working pressure of impactor equipment hammerhead.
You can suitably increase feeding grain size of materials into mineral impact crusher, for example, filter materials below a certain size with sieve, which makes impactor equipment receive greater impact stress in initial period of crushing materials and form enough work hardening layers so that increase abrasion resistance.
In addition, we can also dry materials before entering mineral impact crusher to reduce the moisture it contains, which helps increase its hardness coefficient, increase work pressure on the hammer and contribute to form work-hardening layer.

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