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Structure Optimization of Impact Rotary Crusher Hammer Plate

Date: Ju 18,2013

Impact rotary crusher crashes stone by the high-speed rotation of rotor, then achieves the purpose of crushing by the mutual impact between counterattack plate and ore.In this process, load working on hammer ranges at each moment, coupled with the complex complex shape of rotor, it is difficult to accurately get the actual situation of all sections, thereby impact the rationalization and lightweight of hammer plate structure. This article analyzes the collision and contact problem occurred in complex structure of impact rotary crusher by finite element analysis method so that it can provide rationale for structure optimization of impact stone breaker hammer plate.


Through the analysis of finite element model, we can get stress and strain distribution on the plate hammer, providing basis for design and reference. For finite element analysis of hammered plates, we first need to get basic raw material parameters of each part in impact stone breaker, and then establish finite element model.
Analysis result shows that in early time of ore colliding with flat hammer, contract face and nearby regions of hammer have large stress. In the collision process, maximum stress of hammer is equivalently less than 80Mpa. Deformation of hammer plate does not lead to motion interference, bad assembly, or other factors affecting the work of impact rotary crusher.
Based on the analysis results, we can get structure optimization method of hammer plate. Due to hammer boards are wear parts of impact rotary crusher, we can reduce its cross-sectional area, increase clamping block size accordingly, maintain its original assembly relations, and take collision simulation analysis so that greatly reduce the production and use cost.

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