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Advantages and Structure of Cement Rotating Dryer

Date: Ju 14,2013
Cement rotating dryer, also known as dryer drum, is the most common China dryer equipment. Cement rotating dryer is featured with the advantages of simple structure, stable running, easy operation, high reliability, high adaptability to material, less labor and long service life. The dryer drum is suitable for a variety of industrial production processes which need the drying and dehydration operation.
Cement rotating dryer generally consists of the following components:
1, the cylinder of China dryer drum. Cement rotating dryer is welded by steel in circular form. The retention ring and spiral plate are welded at the feeding end. In the cylinder, it is equipped with the lifting plate and it has the annular barrier-material ring that forms the material lining. In the heating process of wet materials, the water is evaporated so that the moisture will be gradually reduced. That is the drying process. The dried material is discharged from the low end of cylinder.
2, the supporting device of China dryer drum. The wheel set on cylinder drives the cylinder of China dryer to rotate together. The riding wheel of supporting belt is mounted on the rack. In order to limit axial movement of cylinder, the rack is also equipped with catch wheel whose bevel has a 5mm clearance with the bevel of tyre.
3, the transmission device of China dryer drum. The main gear set on the cylinder of cement rotating dryer is fixedly connected with cylinder and the main gear is driven by pinion. Motor drives the cylinder to do rotary motion through V-belt, reduction box, pinion and main gear.
4, the accessory equipment of China dryer drum. For drying production, we need to configure ancillary equipment for China dryer drum. Wet materials enter the dryer from high end, therefore, generally, it should be equipped with feeding conveyor. In order to stabilize the final moisture of product, the quantitative feeder should be generally configured to control the feeding quantity. After being dried, materials should outflow from chute; in order to send the hot materials to the proper place, in general, it should be equipped with vibrating conveyor or heatproof belt conveyor.

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