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Development of Building Sand Is Inseparable from Crushing Equipment

Date: Ja 18,2014

Sand is one of the necessary building materials in building industry. However, with the exploitation of resources, sand has become scarce resource. Cone crusher, sand making machine and other crushing equipment can process ore, river pebble, tailings, slag and other materials into sand, thus satisfying the demand of construction projects.

Along with continuous development of building industry, the demand for sand is increasing significantly. However, the scarcity of natural sand forces us to find another way-artificial sand. According to the estimation of relevant departments, the annual amount of building sand in China is growing continuously. Currently, most regions in China use natural sand. But the natural sand is kind of local resource and cannot be regenerated in a short time. With the development of infrastructure construction and environmental protection, in many areas of our country, the number and quality of natural sand decrease gradually, or even some regions restrict or forbid to exploit natural sand. The contradiction between supply and demand of concrete sand is prominent. And the sand price is also higher and higher. In the peak period of sand using, there are even no sand available, which not only makes the endless chain of resource and environment incomplete, but also affects the progress of construction projects.

In addition, along with the rapid development of concrete technology, the strength of construction engineering is increasing. Hence, the technical requirements for sand is also higher and higher. The construction of high-speed rail and highway needs continuous sand, hence, developing new energy and using artificial sand are imperative. At this time, the crushing equipment and sand making equipment come in handy, which play significant role in manufacturing of artificial sand. China has a large number of metal and non-metallic mines. In quarrying and processing processes, it will generate 40% to 60% of tailings. Without reasonable utilization, these tailings waste resources, occupy land and result in environmental pollution. But, these tailings can be made into artificial sand after having sorted and processed by cone crusher and sand maker, which not only solves sand resource and environmental pollution, but also improves utilization rate of resources, thus forming comprehensive benefits.

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