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How to Improve Efficiency of Elevator Bucket

Date: Ju 25,2013

Building machinery is easy to wear during operation, with the long-term operation, its production efficiency will gradually reduces; here, we elevator bucket, a kind of bucket hoist conveyor as example to analyze how to improve its efficiency.
Primary characteristics of TD-type elevator bucket:
1.Small driving power; elevator bucket adopts flowing feeding and induced unloading, bulk hoppers are intensively placed, almost without material feeding back, thus reactive power is small.
2.Wide application scope; elevator bucket has few demands on types and characteristics of materials, it not only can enhance ordinary powder and granular materials, and also can promote abrasive materials, with good sealing and less pollution.
3.Good and reliable running process; progressive design and process approach assure reliable running process and it reaches higher lifting height.
4. Long application life; flowing feeding way reduces the link of digging materials, so that reduces squeezing and collision between materials and protect machine from wear.
In terms of the above characteristics of elevator bucket, Hongxing gives some ways to improve productivity, as follows:
1, about staff: all operators should manage machine with careful and serious attitude, authentically and completely record operating situation, any cheat is prohibited. Management department should actively organize labor competition activities, encourage staff members to operate equipment in a good manner, and fully mobilize the staff’s advocated and dedicated spirit.
2, about mechanical device itself: the operation of elevator bucket must be according to he manual; keep regular maintenance; the general maintenance includes filling grease, fastening loose connection parts, adding oil, cleaning air filter and other routine maintenance work.

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