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Ten Points Need to Be Noted for Bucket Conveyer

Date: Ju 14,2013
1. The lubrication system of bucket conveyer must adopts lubricating grease which is recommended in instructions. If the lubricating grease used by centralized lubrication system has a viscosity greater than that of 0 # grease, it must be diluted to the appropriate viscosity by adding N32 oil, or it will cause system fails to work.
2. The operation and security personnel must be familiar with the mechanical structure and operating norms of bucket conveyer; operation must be strictly in accordance with chapter.
3. The bucket conveyer must be checked before starting up, if the device is in good condition, start it after lubrication.
4. Operate bucket conveyer three minutes with no-load after starting up, and make sure the rotation direction of motor is correct, friction between wall and spiral slice is small, and lubrication of components is good before normally operating the machine.
5. If discover abnormal phenomenon or malfunction, operator should power off bucket conveyer at once, and troubleshoot or repair it.
6. After mining belt equipment finishing work, the materials in tube must be removed before shutting down the conveying machine.
7. When transport materials easy to be blocked or sweated, the power of mining belt equipment should be turned off immediately if power outages and other factors cause the shutdown.
8. When power outage is longer than 8 hours, please open the cover of inspection hole, clean up residual materials in tube, timely inspect if the intermediate shaft and spirochetes are in normal working condition, and ensure that the mining belt equipment keeps good running condition before starting it.
9. When working conditions do not meet the specified requirements of working conditions, operator should refuse to operate the equipment to avoid unnecessary damage.
10. Users can formulate maintenance plan and maintenance cycle of mining belt equipment according to specific conditions.

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