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Hongxing Belt Conveyor Is on the Stage of Automation

Date: Apr 28,2014

Belt conveyor is the major conveying equipment of coal, mining, food and agriculture industries, which has several advantages such as large conveying amount, high efficiency and simple structure. It has lower failure rate and stronger adaptation when compared with bucket elevator and spiral chute. So, it is fully approved by customers.

Currently, conveying equipment has formed various forms of competition, and there are many deficiencies in the production of conveyors. In addition, some components are limited by production environment and properties of materials. So, in order to to ensure the reliability and stability of belt conveyor, we need to confront with the development realities of the conveyor and solve the problems timely. Only by doing so, the sound development of conveying equipment can be promoted effectively. Hongxing belt conveyor consists of different combinations based on different production output. Particularly, some special parts have flexible combinations according to different production requirements. After long-time transformation of wearing parts, which not only greatly reduce the failure rate and maintenance workload of conveyor belt, but also decrease production costs for enterprises.

The future development of mining machinery will be high-end, automatic and energy-saving, which is the only way for the innovation and reform of conveyor manufacturers. Therefore, Hongxing belt conveyor has realized the cooperation of mechanic, electricity, sound, light and instrument to gradually step into automatic areas.

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