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Characteristics and Working Condition of LSY Conveyor Belt

Date: Ju 14,2013

Characteristics of LSY conveyor belt

1. LSY conveyor belt, also known as LSY bucket hoist or conveyor belt system, adopts famous reducer, with reliable operation, small size, large torque and low noise;
2. LSY conveyor belt system adopts special material to seal joint to avoid leaking mud;
3. LSY conveyor belt system has special spiral blade, with advanced varying pitch design, small inlet blade pitch, large discharge pitch, so the throughput is stable, avoiding plugging material;
4. Connection parts of conveyor belt system adopt flange bearing which is made of special material; optimized design makes structure of conveyor belt system more reasonable and passing amount larger; transmission efficiency of the bucket hoist is higher than that of ordinary screw conveyor;
5. LSY conveyor belt system adopts international general spline-type connection with easy dismounting and strong parts commonality;
6. Suspension bearing uses oil bearing with special materials, more durable;
7. LSY bucket hoist has wide application, suitable for conveying powdery or granular materials with gathering density p < 2 t/m3 and particle size p < 0.5 mm.

Working condition for LSY bucket hoist

1) Stable voltage is better to be 380V±5%;
2) Power capacity should be larger than overall load capacity;
3) Safe and reliable electric circuit: good earth connection, reliable insulation, correct wire connection;
4) Material diameter should be smaller than 5mm, and stacking density smaller than 2t/h; if necessary, feed inlet of bucket hoist should be higher than screen mesh or vibrating screen;
5) In relay transmitting process, conveying capacity of back-end equipment should be larger than the capacity of front-end equipment;
6) When feeding materials under positive pressure, feed inlet of bucket hoist should be equipped with pressure-relief valve or pressure-relief split-flow baffle;
7) When feeding materials under negative pressure, bucket hoist should be equipped with special equipment to balance pressure.

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