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What Technical Requirements Should Feeder Machine Satisfy?

Date: Ja 05,2014

Feeder machine with multiple series and structural types can gradually realize high yield, high efficiency and intensive production of ore beneficiation plant, play a crucial role in the improvement of mechanical level of coal dressing machinery and the growth of economic benefits, and at the same time can promote the steady development of feeder machine in our country. When choosing a ore feeder, it needs to satisfy some technical requirements which will be introduced here in details.

(1) It should have the processing capacity satisfying the technical requirement.

As the key equipment of controlling the feeding amount, feeder machine is also developing towards large size. The handling capacity of this machine should conform to the production capacity of the coal dressing plant, however, large equipment may influence its reliability, for this reason, high reliability of mineral feeding machine is the premise of its successful application.

(2) It should have even and stable feeding ability and adjustable feeding amount.

Evenness and stability of material feeding influences the efficiency and continuity of production, for this reason, the mineral feeding machine should be able to satisfy the requirements in different granularity composition, external water content and physical property and precisely adjust the feeding amount according to specific production condition and technology.

(3) Reduce dust and noise pollution.

When researching and developing new equipment, other than considering the technical advancement and economic rationality of the equipment, we should also consider the properties of anti-noise and anti-dust to try to eliminate pollution and potential safety hazard from the source.

(4) Compact structure and reliable performance.

Compact equipment structure can not only reduce the space floor of the equipment, but improve the using efficiency of the spare parts. The working efficiency of the equipment is mainly determined by the performance and reliability of the spare parts which needs further improvement. In the meantime, we should constantly develop and research new technology and spare parts and further improve the performance of feeder machine.

(5) Convenient check and maintenance and realization of centralized control.

As for modern large coal dressing plant with high yield and high efficiency, the equipment should be able to satisfy such requirements as high automatic degree, short on-site maintenance time and convenient maintenance. The equipment with high handling capacity is usually large, which is difficult to be checked and repaired on the working site, so that high reliability for long time of the key parts should be ensured. The equipment should be able to realize automatic control to realize the central control and management of the ore dressing plant.

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