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Performance Characteristics of Electromagnetic Vibration Feeder

Date: Ju 14,2013
Electromagnetic vibration feeder is a new kind of ore feeding machine which is able to meet the requirement on continuous production, so it gets wide application scope, including metallurgy, chemical, coal, electricity, machinery, building materials, as well as light industry, food, medicine and other industrial and mining industries.
Due to the feeder of vibration feeder varies with the change of amplitudes, and the amplitude changes with the current of electromagnetic vibration feeder coil, so controlling the current of electromagnetic ore feeding machine can realize the purpose of adjusting feeding amount of the ore feeding machine.

Performance characteristics of vibration feeder

(1) Uniform feeding, easy adjustment of yield, easy implementation of automatic control.
(2) Electromagnetic vibration feeder is without rotary parts, so it is easy to maintain and do not need to lubricate; materials in the parabolic trough jump forward in a form of parabola, almost without sliding on the trough surface, so the trough has minimal wear and tear; the electric motor and speed reducer are not required when using the ore feeding machine. For these reasons, the machine is fuel-saving and power-saving, with low running and maintenance cost.
(3) Able to transport hot materials whose temperature is not higher than 300 ° C.
(4) Solid structure, small size, light weight, easy installation.

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