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Vibratory Feeder Has Made Great Progress in Design and Manufacturing

Date: Ja 17,2014

Vibratory feeder, just as its name implies, is a kind of feeding equipment. Because of its features of small volume, light weight, easy installation and so on, it's widely used in coal mine, building materials, chemistry, large mechanical plant, etc. The vibrating feeder is conductive to improving environment. The mechanical operation of vibrating feeders is stable and reliable. The adaptability to materials of vibrating feeder is also higher, which brings great convenience to enterprise in equipment aspect. Thinks to the characteristics of easy operation, small power consumption, adjustable feeding of materials, hence, the vibration feeder holds absolute advantages in mining machinery field and becomes the strong performer.

Hongxing Machinery has carried out in-depth research of theory, design and calculation of vibratory feeder, which finds out that the vibrating feeder has higher standardization, serialization and generalization. In recent years, the new type of vibrating material feeders can get the best vibration characteristic no matter what kinds of materials through microcomputer control, which are especially suitable for material conveying of food, medicine, electronics and production lines.

In actual production application, the vibrating feeder is frequently used in various industries. With the development of production technology, the vibrating feeder has got wider application rapidly. Currently, the domestic vibration feeder has certain gaps with foreign advanced level in manufacturing, design, high-strength material and key quality index. However, after the continuous research, innovation and design of technical staff, the feeding equipment has made great progress in design, manufacturing, and performance index.

Mining machinery equipment should develop towards large scale and high end, Hongxing grizzly vibratory feeder, crushing equipment, ore beneficiation equipment have unique innovation mode, which occupy large market share. In the future, Hongxing Machinery will continuously conduct deep training of technical personnel and develop toward large and professional mining enterprises.

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