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Approaches Improving Efficiency of Stone Production Line

Date: Mar 13,2014

Every enterprise pays attention to efficiency at present. High efficiency can bring more benefits to enterprise. Along with social development and progress, not just people are required to improve working efficiency, so does the mechanical equipment. A stone production line is mainly composed of vibrating feeder, crusher ad vibrating screen. Maintenance work of most of the equipment is built around crushing equipment. Doing a good job of maintenance work of crusher will improve working efficiency of production line and obtain maximum benefits.

Being in mining machinery industry for many years, crusher manufacturers already have general understanding of market demand, so, improving efficiency of crushing equipment is in progress. While crusher manufacturers constantly improve efficiency of equipment, how enterprises use crushing equipment also affect its production efficiency. Hence, for enterprises, they should not only select good manufacturers, but reasonably use crushing equipment.

In recent years, stone production line has a wide range of applications in the market. In order to improve efficiency of production line, we should firstly understand working principle and working form of stone production line. Every form corresponds to different production modes. Secondly, crusher manufacturers should also carry out good maintenance work of crushing equipment in production lines. It's important to correctly handle the relationship between maintenance and upkeep. And it's not allowed to use without upkeep or maintain without upkeep. Crusher manufacturers should improve perfectness ratio and utilization rate, reduce abrasion of crusher and breakdown time and prolong service life of crushers, thus keeping crusher in good technical condition and being put into operation at any time.

Thirdly, lubrication of crushing equipment is also very important. So, we should pay attention to lubrication of crushing equipment in stone production line. When carrying out lubrication, we should lay emphasis on lubrication of two parts. The first is lubrication of bracket and bracket pad. When starting crusher machines, we must inject lubrication grease to contact area of bracket and bracket pad. The second id lubrication of bearing pedestal. The lubricating oil added to bearing pedestal is 50% to 70% of the volume and changed every three months. Good lubricating work can ensure normal operation and prolong service life of crusher machines, thus improving production efficiency of stone production line.

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