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Demand for New Type of Sand Maker Will Continue to Rise

Date: Feb 16,2014

Sand maker is also called vertical shaft impact crusher, which is suitable for both sand making and crushing of granite, basalt, limestone, quartz stone, cement clinker, concrete aggregate and so on. With fast development of infrastructure construction, the demands for sand making machine will continue to rise. Here, we will introduce different kinds of sand making equipment. Working principle of different kinds of sand makers is basically the same, which uses famous 'stone hit iron' and 'stone hit stone' principles to realize material crushing. The third generation of sand maker and the fifth generation of sand maker actually still follow this principle, which just do some corresponding improvement in dynamical system and maintenance and increase the hydraulic power system.

Upgrading of sand making machine

The first generation of sand maker appeared around 2000. At that time, the main material in sand making industry was stone. The use of sand was not yet common. After having finished crushing, there were inevitably some tailings of stone. These tailings were not qualified to be the stones, which could be used as sand. For example, some of the crushing objects of jaw crusher and hammer crusher were in accordance with requirements of sand. Afterwards, the sand making equipment grown up. Crusher industry usually called these early crushers the first generation of sand maker.

The second generation of sand maker was impact sand maker. Because it made sand using impact way, which had high efficiency and good sand making effect. The third generation of sand maker is highly efficient sand maker, which has the features of small grain size, even grain shape, large production capacity, long service life of hammerhead, small power, simplified technology, simple structure, easy maintenance and stable operation. It is researched and developed on the basis of absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technology and combining with actual situation of domestic related industries, which is the latest generation of highly efficient sand making machine. The third generation of sand maker is also called VSI sand maker, which greatly improves production efficiency and quality of finished products, and significantly reduces production cost and consumption of wearing parts. It has cheaper price compared with imported equipment, which can fully meet demand of domestic market.

At present, many manufacturers say that they have the fourth generation, fifth generation, sixth generation and even the seventh generation of sand maker. Actually, there are not so many sand making machines. The most commonly used sand makers are impact sand maker and the third generation of sand maker. In recent years, our country strongly promotes environmental protection and, which greatly stimulates development of artificial sand. Hence, the demands for new type of sand maker will continue to rise in next few years.

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