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What are the Superior Advantages of Pendulum Feeder?

Date: Ja 14,2014

Feeder machine has an important significance on the stone crusher plant and it can improve the output and efficiency and the automatic degree of the production line. Pendulum feeder is suitable to be used in ore beneficiation, coal, chemistry and other departments for feeding granular materials from storage trough through funnel to various type of material receiving devices. It is not suitable for conveying dry powder or big-sized materials; otherwise there will be dust pollution or material blockage in the discharging mouth.

Hongxing pendulum feeder has low requirement for operation power and clearance and has no any vibration, noise or transfer stress, so that it is the ideal choice for stationary and mobile crushing machine.

The shaker feeder has many advantages which here will be introduced by Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. in detail. This equipment has stable and reliable operation, high efficiency, simple and reasonable structure, light weight and small size. The operation and maintenance of this shaker feeder is pretty simple and convenient. The structure adopts close type, thus effectively avoiding dust pollution. In addition, you can quickly and conveniently change the feeding amount through adjusting the eccentric distance and precisely adjust and control the feeding amount through the adjusting the size of the discharging mouth.

The pendulum feeder price of Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is in the medium range in the market, the quality of the equipment has reached the leading position in the mining industry. Over twenty years of production experience has made us a leader of mining equipment, professional research and development team can constantly optimize and upgrade our products and show our products to customers with higher cost performance.

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