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Key to Solve Failures of Iron Ore Concentration Plant

Date: Ju 21,2013

Mineral ore beneficiation process mainly contains magnetic separation process, flotation separation process, gravity separation process and hydrometallurgical methods. 

Depending on the nature of ores, mineral ores can be divided into three types: sulfide ore, oxide ore and mixed ore. Their ore beneficiation processing technologies are as follows:
1, sulfide ores are mostly belong to polymetallic sulphide ores; we can according to ore component characteristics to choose mixed flotation, priority flotation, mixed and priority flotation, combination of flotation method and gravity separation, combination of magnetic separation and flotation separation processing.
2, oxide ores are generally dealt by the joint of flotation mineral processing and hydrometallurgical treatment, or the joint of segregation and flotation treatment; highland ore containing copper oxide is often dealt by wet smelting process.
3, mixed ore is generally dealt by flotation method, it can be processed separately, or proceed together with sulfide ores; the joint of flotation processing and hydrometallurgy smelting is also available.
The most bewildered question in dressing production process is that magnetic separator appears failures. So how can we prevent iron ore concentration plant failures? We can do from the following instructions.

Problem 1: connecting bolt looses, or bearing housing bolts loose.
Solution: check and consolidate bolt.
Problem 2: Transmission makes large noise
Reasons: 1) gear lubrication is missing; 2) Distance between gears changes.
Solution: 1) add grease; 2) consolidate bolt.
Problem 3: bearing damages
Reasons: 1) oil runs out or seal damages; 2) lack of repair and cleaning.
Solution: 1) add oil according to the rules or replace the sealing ring; 2) make regular maintenance and cleaning.
On the occasion of national economy rising steadily, Hongxing will keep improving iron ore concentration plant, upgrading skills and optimizing the quality to develop more new energy-saving ore processing plant to satisfy market needs.

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