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How to Reduce Cost of Ore Beneficiation Effectively?

Date: Feb 24,2014

Reducing cost and increasing benefits have always been lifeline of each company, ore beneficiation plant is no exception naturally. But the manufacturers of ore dressing plant should be aware of what costs can be reduced and what costs cannot be reduced. Here, Hongxing Machinery shares some knowledge of reducing cost of ore beneficiation with you. Ore beneficiation is a very important step in mining industry similarly to role of quality inspector in production lines. Effect of ore beneficiation directly affects product quality of next procedure, which even involves in normal operation of equipment in next procure. For example, if some materials with high hardness have not been crushed into enough granularity and escaped the ore dressing link, it may cause clogging phenomenon of equipment in next procure, or even cause damage of equipment. Hence, quailed ore beneficiation link is sufficient and necessary condition to produce high-quality product.

The biggest cost of ore beneficiation plant lines in two aspects, one is power consumption, and the other is steel ball of ball mill. Power consumption is determined by handling capacity of ores in ore dressing plant and other factors, of which the ore handling capacity of grinding machine has a larger impact on power consumption. It also involves collision problem between steel ball and ore. The energy required by grinding process will increase due to poor quality of steel ball, unwieldiness of ores and other problems. When the ore handling capacity of each powder grinding machine has a certain amount, it can only increase mill power. But this will also increase power consumption of grinding machine. Thus it can be seen that choosing a good steel ball is the key to save ore beneficiation cost. When you well control power consumption and select good steel ball, you have already captured the key of saving ore beneficiation cost and kept the lifeline of enterprises.

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