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It’s important to maintain the gears of the ball mill equipment

Date: Ju 30,2018

It is very important to maintain the gears of ball mill equipment. The whole machine of ball mill equipment should be stabilized on the ground, lest during the work, the vibration of the equipment will cause the damage of resonance caused by the construction around the building, and the ground should have good foundation. Then in the installation, the first to install the main bearing, which is to avoid aggravating the hollow shaft neck of the abutment and bearing lining wear, to avoid the ball mill equipment load work, once the equipment load operation, gear and other parts will be doubled wear. The improvement of gear heat treatment technology, selection of advanced technology and material can improve the life of gear of ball mill equipment. To ensure effective lubrication of gears, lubrication can be less friction between gears, so it is also a way to prolong the life of gears.

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Recently, some customers said that after buying the ball mill equipment, they did not see the seller sent professional installation personnel to guide the installation, in order to not affect the progress of the installation on their own. In fact, this kind of problem is very common, but no matter whether the manufacturer sends someone to install or install it, it must be properly installed. Details cannot be ignored, otherwise the equipment will not work properly or the service life will be shortened. Here today, it is simple to tell everyone the correct installation procedure of the ball mill equipment: the elevation of the base plate of the two main bearings should not exceed 0.25 mm per meter length. When installing the ball mill machine body cylinder, it should be Install the entire wire, then install the remaining parts, and carefully check whether the center line of the journal and the ball mill equipment corresponds, and the error should not exceed 0.25 mm. Finally, when the rest of the gears are installed, professional personnel equipment is used to measure the installation.

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The conical special two-layer sieve compartment board replaces the original compartment plate, the grate seam of the compartment is 5mm, the middle stainless steel sieve plate is 1.2mm, so it can effectively control the particle diameter of the two silo particles, accelerate a qualified particle to be imported into the second storehouse for efficient grinding, and reduce the excessive grinding phenomenon in one storehouse. The mill tail discharging grate plate is a 5mm special discharging grate plate for small grate seam, and the diameter of the Tao Zhengyang material plate is used to control the flow rate of material. The back end of the Double-layer bulkhead board is provided with a protective plate with ventilated grate seam, which protects the stainless steel sieve plate from abrasive abrasion and the internal ventilation, and promotes the qualified fine powder to be discharged from the mill in time to reduce the grinding phenomenon.

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Before use, the operator must carefully check whether the electrical parts are normal, and only after confirming that the electrical parts can be operated and used. When the equipment is working, people are not allowed to stand within 2 meters to prevent falling objects and wounding. The load capacity of the table of the ball mill is strictly forbidden to exceed the specified value, and it is forbidden to shake artificially. When the energy-saving ball mill starts up, the operator must pay close attention to the distance from the upper object to avoid collision with the human body. The length of a silo is determined based on the degree of easy grinding of the cone and the moisture content. Increasing the activation liner in the tail silo of the mill can effectively slow down the flow rate of the material in the tail silo. At the same time, it can enhance the grinding function of the small forging and increase the surface area of the product. Choosing the right ventilation speed in the mill will shorten the time for the qualified fine material to stay in the mill, and promote the heat generated by the micro powder and grinding to be discharged in time and improve the grinding efficiency. A flap lock device must be added at the tail end of the material and the lock device should be flexible. Henan Hongxing believes that the customer is God's concept. After the customer has bought the equipment, our factory will send a professional person to install it. During the installation, we will teach the customer's workers during the use of the ball mill equipment, and be prepared for the customer. Asked to ask for detailed solutions.

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