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Mobile Crushing Plant are the leader in new production capacity in different industries

Date: Ju 29,2018

Mobile crushing Plant is a leader in new capacity in different industry areas Henan Hongxing offers a wide range of tire-type Mobile crushing Plants/crawler-jaw crushing equipment for mineral raw materials processing and building materials regeneration, percussive crushing equipment, cone crushing equipment, hammer-type mobile crushing and sieving equipment, etc.

Mobile Crushing Plant

Thanks to the strong competitiveness of processing technology, Henan hongxing in the field of mineral processing technology and mobile Equipment market has a prominent position, careful design plan always take into account the entire processing process, so that the interests of the user to achieve maximum.

Henan hongxing Crawler-type crushing and sieving equipment is mainly used in: Municipal: Road renovation, building mixed soil, filling materials;

Engineering: Railways, highways, water conservancy, special projects;

Quarry: The quantitative fragmentation of following engineering and special projects;

Mining: Surface mines, natural gravel;

Demolition: Professional demolition, demolition of the company site broken construction waste;

Mobile Crushing Plant

Recovery: Tailings, waste residue, renewable use. According to the survey of China's industrial data network, the aggregate total production of concrete in 2017 was about 8. 600 million [1], for reference to the yellow heron and other [2] research results to make a rough estimate of China's concrete production ratio reached 22%, according to this proportion of the national 2012 only the demolition of residential concrete volume up to 1. 900 million T, this value is equivalent to the annual total production of aggregate concrete in Zhejiang and Jiangsu provinces in 2012 [1]. This part of the waste of concrete has not yet considered the construction of new buildings and road reconstruction and expansion of the waste concrete produced. According to the mixture ratio of ordinary concrete, 8. 600 million T concrete consumes 3 of the total. 4.4 billion T coarse aggregate (about 0). 7.7 billion m3), 3. 100 million t of Fine aggregates (about 2). 700 million m3) [3]. In accordance with the 22% of the demolition, the housing demolition, in 2012, the country about 0. 9.3 billion T coarse aggregate (about 0). 2.1 billion m3) and 0. 8.1 Billion T fine aggregates (about 0). 5.6 billion m3) is discarded. If these discarded materials can be used, not only greatly reduce the waste emissions, but also to reduce the stone, river sand mining, to improve the ecological environment is to kill the birds. At this stage of our country all over the building, it can be foreseen that half a century later, our country will experience a higher rate of demolition of the period, when the waste concrete can not be effectively used, our descendants will live in the siege of construction waste. Therefore, in the long run, the effective use of waste concrete in Mobile crushing Plant will make a positive impact on China's future development.

At present, the urgent need to do is to standardize the discharge of discarded concrete, deepen the research on the regenerative properties of waste concrete, introduce the production and use of recycled concrete as soon as possible, and lay a solid theoretical foundation for the next construction period of recycled concrete.

Henan Hongxing developed Tire Mobile Crushing Plant officially off the line, after no-load test machine, successfully delivered Longyan building waste recycling project in Fujian. At present, the project has been officially operating for six months, the digestion of tens of thousands of tons of construction waste, the realization of the waste recycling of construction. Into the Longyan construction waste disposal plant in the suburbs, the construction of rubbish piled into a hill, very spectacular, see this mobile "big guy" appetite is very big, large blocks of construction waste into the "mouth" of the construction waste grinder, only to hear the sound of thunder, into small particles of the building garbage by the belt conveyor into the screening station, The sieve divides the 0-5mm,5-10mm,10-20mm and so on the specification regeneration aggregate.

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