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Mobile Crushing Plant for coarse crushing of larger particles of concrete blocks

Date: Ju 29,2018

The Mobile Crushing Plant consists of a crusher, a sieving system, a sundries sorting device, a conveying mechanism and a vibrating feeder, and a self walking function. In the Mobile Crushing Plant , the Crusher is the core part, the crushing treatment of construction waste is its main task. After crushing the material through the crusher, and then through the screening system, in the larger particles of the mixed soil block screening, and then to the crusher conveyor, again for crushing treatment. Mobile Crushing Plant flexible and convenient, mobile strong, can save a lot of infrastructure and relocation costs, can be broken on the material site, and can be moved with the location of the material, thereby greatly reducing the material transport costs, is the construction of waste treatment equipment is the only choice!

Mobile Crushing Plant

The crushing and screening equipment of the Mobile Crushing Plant can be used by mines, building materials, highways, railways, water conservancy and other industries to complete crushing and screening operations at one time, yielding the required particle size and output of the users. The crushing and screening equipment includes primary crushing stations and secondary crushing and screening stations, belt conveyors, etc. Each of the crushing stations is an independent work unit and can perform its own different duties.

Mobile Crushing Plant

The ratio of mobile construction waste crusher

1. Feeding system. The function of the Mobile Crushing Plant feed system is to feed the raw materials to the crushers and the screening machines. According to different crushing and screening processes, the feeding methods are also different. Before the feeding port of the primary crusher, there is generally an independent feeder, the purpose of which is to feed ore raw materials into the crushing chamber according to the processing speed of the crusher. When the output is large, a heavy-duty plate feeder can be used, and the size of the feeder is also large. Heavy-duty loaders can also be used until the train compartment is directly introduced into the feed compartment. When the raw ore size is small, a belt feeder can be used. The most widely used in production are vibratory feeders and reciprocating feeders. In the middle of the crushing and screening machine, in order to ensure the homogeneity of the feed, it is also necessary to configure a suitable feeding device. In actual production, this function is completed by a belt conveyor.

Mobile Crushing Plant

2. The crushing system. The crushing system of the Mobile Crushing Plant is the heart of the entire facility. When it is working, the ore raw material is broken into broken small-size finished products, and a mobile crushing and screening production line can have multiple crushers. There are many types of crushing machines with different properties. Its specific use occasions and features can consult the manufacturer.

3. Screening system. The broken small-size ore must be classified by a screening machine before it can be used as a finished product. Another function of the sifter is pre-screening.

4. Delivery system. The conveyor system serves three purposes between Mobile Crushing Plant s. One is the transfer of ore between gravel screening facilities at various stages; secondly, it is used in the closed circuit circulation for the return of crushed stone; finally, the finished product is conveyed to different positions for different grades. The conveyors in the mobile crushing plant are mainly belt conveyors. In the Mobile Crushing Plant, the cylinder feeding machine should be used in the loopback section to make the structure compact. In particular occasions, the use of chute can also achieve the transport of ore.

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