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Mobile Crushing Plant finds fundamental way out for construction waste

Date: Ju 29,2018

In the past, the construction waste in Zhengzhou is usually pulled from the garbage truck from here, this traditional garbage disposal is "big move" of the superficial approach, can not solve the fundamental problem, the urban area is out of sight for the net, but it caused the suburbs and other remote areas of two pollution. In the process of garbage transfer not only increased the number of transport costs, and caused a series of social problems, such as: Muck car not covered along the way to throw garbage, illegal dumping of garbage and even illegally dumped construction waste to the Yellow River, slag truck does not follow the operation of the operating route, red light to people casualties and other vicious accidents occur frequently. It is obvious that the deep buried construction rubbish is not an effective way to solve the city solid construction rubbish, the emergence of mobile construction rubbish crusher will solve this problem.

Mobile Crushing Plant

Under the background of the deterioration of the global environment, in recent years, governments at all levels have increasingly attached importance to the environmental issues on which human beings are living. Zhengzhou’s policy support for the reuse of construction waste has led the nation, and mobile construction waste crushers have attracted new national The energy service platform for energy conservation and emission reduction has listed Zhengzhou as the first pilot project for the reuse of construction waste, providing 1 billion yuan of funds to support the pilot project for the recycling of construction waste in Zhengzhou. The feeling of 100 million tons of construction waste siege to any Zhengzhou people is certainly uncomfortable, especially as environmental issues become more prominent and people’s environmental awareness becomes higher and higher. The central government advocates a green economy and circular economy today. How to find a fundamental way out for construction waste is imminent.

Mobile Crushing Plant

Crawler-type Mobile Crushing Plant is a broken, sieving, conveying as one of the mobile crushing equipment, can move at will, the performance of their own fragmentation, reduce the cost of production of investors. The successful production and operation of crawler-type Mobile Crushing Plant indicates that the level of crusher equipment in China has been improved remarkably. Crawler-type mobile crusher is used to process the series of processes such as feeding, crushing, and screening, so as to make it have the rock crushing performance, broken sand aggregate, open-pit coal mine and so on, especially the construction waste and treatment of open-pit mines. Through the combination of different models, a powerful set of pipeline crushing operations is formed to complete various requirements for processing operations.

In addition, crawler-type Mobile Crushing Plant design advanced, excellent performance, high production efficiency, easy maintenance, operating costs, stable and reliable performance, relative to all types of fixed crushing station, crawler-type mobile crusher can be like a small to medium-sized crushing process plant, its efficiency and operating costs than fixed crusher has a higher level. Facing the problem of building rubbish siege, China invests a lot of funds to research and development of processing equipment, the purpose is to reduce the use of construction waste to the land, beautify the urban environment, purify the air, in addition to our country in the development of these equipment, the largest harvest is the development of equipment can achieve the recycling of resources, construction waste future development must follow resources, harmless treatment.

Mobile Crushing Plant

Henan Hongxing Construction Waste Mobile Crushing Plant and Construction Waste Crushing Station can quickly and effectively handle construction waste, realize the recycling of construction waste, and scientifically manufacture construction waste. After construction crushing, screening and sorting, construction waste will be recycled to reduce the generation of construction waste, reduce the exploitation and utilization of natural resources, and make outstanding contributions to sustainable development.

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