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1315 counter-breaking parameters and price analysis

Date: Ju 28,2018

1315 counterattack is also known as the Impact Crusher 1315, one of the specifications of many Impact Crushers, mainly applicable to the medium and fine crushing of various ore materials with a grain size of less than 500mm. This article is mainly a brief analysis of the 1315 counter-attack parameters and their prices, which is intended to help more business users who pre-invest in the crushing equipment.

Impact Crusher

First, 1315 counterattack broken parameter interpretation

Compared to other specifications of counter-attack equipment, the Impact Crusher under this model requires that the particle size of the material to be broken must be less than 500mm, and the equipped motor power must be 200kw, and its unit production capacity can reach 250t/h. Because the size of these parameters have a great relationship with the 1315 counterattack in the post-breaking period, the user is advised to carefully review the counter-breaking parameter tables given by the manufacturers when purchasing the 1315 counter-attack equipment. The specific red star 1315 counter-break parameter table is as follows

型号 规格
外形尺寸( 长×宽×高)
( L×W×H)
PF-1315 Φ1320×1500 860×1520 500 130-250 200 27 3180×2720×2620

Second, 1315 counterattack break price analysis

Although the 1315 Impact Crusher is a fixed model specification, there is no equipment selection for the market 1315 counterattack to break the price of a certain impact on the situation, but also because of the hands of manufacturers from different regions, and the market 1315 counterattack break the price difference is greater . The main reasons are: 1. Different manufacturers in the production of the 1315 counterattack equipment, the manpower, material resources, financial resources and other manufacturing costs are different, the higher the manufacturing cost, the corresponding 1315 counterattack will break the price more expensive; The level of consumption power and economic development of different manufacturers are different. In regions where consumption is higher, the corresponding 1315 counter-attack price will surely be more expensive. Therefore, users are advised to consider the red star crusher manufacturers in Henan during the purchase of the 1315 counter-attack equipment. First of all, Red Star is a crusher direct manufacturer, and its 1315 counterattack is the lowest price. Price, secondly, Red Star is located in the Henan region, which focuses on the middle and low-level consumer market. The area is rich in raw materials and steel, and the price is still relatively low. Therefore, it is destined that the Red Star 1315 under the Henan Province will not be too expensive to counter the price, and it is more conducive to User investment purchase. As for the Red Star 1315 counterattack break price how much money? If you are willing to learn more about it, please feel free to consult Henan Hongxing customer service staff online at any time.

Impact Crusher

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