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Dryer Machine maintenance and maintenance

Date: Ju 27,2018

Dryer Machine is currently the most commonly used in the processing industry drying equipment, according to the different types of equipment can be divided into: coal slurry dryer, slag dryer, sludge dryer, three drum dryer, single drum dryer.

Dryer Machine

The drum Dryer Machine is a kind of drying equipment that can dry a variety of materials and is simple and reliable in operation. The equipment consists of a rotating body, a lifting plate, a rotating device, a feeding box and the like. The device is driven by the rotating device to rotate the rotating drum of the dryer so that the wet material and the inner wall are fully in contact with each other, so that the heat exchange is performed and the purpose of full drying is achieved. Due to reliable operation, large operational flexibility, strong adaptability, and large amount of processing, it is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, food, light industry, chemical industry, coal, and pharmaceutical mining industries. The application is very extensive.

Dryer as a large number of dry drying equipment for materials, the good operation of equipment, not only to ensure the normal production, but also to extend the service life of equipment, reduce production costs, so the correct operation of the equipment and maintenance is very necessary.

Regular cleaning, maintenance, and maintenance of the dryer can help identify problems, address potential problems, reduce downtime, and ensure normal production.

Dryer Machine

Dryer Machine necessary maintenance and maintenance:

1. When the job is completed, the heating device should be shut down first to stop the operation of the gas engine. When the temperature drops below 100 degrees Celsius, the operation of the blower and the exhaust fan is stopped.
2. Clean the excess material inside the body, turn off the dust collector, and finally turn off the power.
3. Whether the connection between the bearing and the sealing part is firm and whether the lubricating oil condition and the position of the valve port of each part of the dryer are in the desired position.
4. Dryer Machine connected to power, check the voltage and instrument is normal.
5. In the event of a sudden power failure, the heat source should be turned off first to allow the machine to cool naturally and to clean the equipment.

6. Turn on the blower and exhaust fan in turn, then turn on the thermal switch to start heating.
7. Regular receipt, regular inspection of the operation of each system and make relevant records.
Maintenance, maintenance and correct operating methods are the most basic requirements for the operation of machinery industry, but also the most basic requirements for equipment maintenance. We always believe that through the maintenance of the equipment always do a good job, the dryer can always glow luster, for enterprises to create more wealth.

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