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Rotary kiln is widely used in many fields and six functions

Date: Ju 25,2018

Rotary kiln in the building materials, metallurgy, chemical, environmental protection and many other production industries, widely used Rotary kiln equipment for solid materials mechanical, physical or chemical treatment, such equipment is called Rotary kiln. The application of Rotary kiln originated from cement production, 1824 British cement workers J Asp invented the intermittent operation of the earth Shaft Kiln, 1883 Germany Ditz invented the continuous operation of multi-layer shaft Kiln, 1885 British Lansam (eransome) invented the Rotary kiln , in Britain and the United States after the patent to put it into production, Considerable economic benefits were soon achieved. The invention of Rotary kiln makes the cement industry develop rapidly, and also promotes the research on the application of Rotary kiln, and the Rotary kiln is widely used in many industrial fields, and it becomes more and more important in these production, becoming the core equipment of the corresponding enterprise production. In the application field of Rotary kiln, the number of cement industry is the most.

Rotary kiln

The effect is as follows

1. Its technical performance and operating conditions, to a large extent, determine the quality, output, and cost of enterprise products. "As long as the kiln is turned, there are tens of millions of people." This ballad is a vivid description of the importance of the Rotary kiln in production. 2. In the building materials industry, in addition to calcining cement clinker, Rotary kiln is also used for calcining clay, limestone and slag drying; in the production of refractory materials, Rotary kiln calcining raw materials are used to make them dimensionally stable and increase in strength. , and then processing molding.

3. In the process of mineral processing, the use of Rotary kiln to the poor iron ore magnetization roasting, so that the original weak magnetic changes to strong magnetism, in favor of magnetic separation. 4. In the chemical industry, use Rotary kiln to produce soda, calcined phosphate fertilizer, barium sulfide and so on. In the 60 's, the American Lapple invented the new process of producing phosphoric acid with Rotary kiln.

The method has the advantages of low energy consumption, less power consumption, no sulfuric acid and low grade phosphate rock. 5. The entire production process of cement is summed up as "two grinding and one burn", of which "one burning" is the preparation of raw meal after grinding, in the Rotary kiln the effect of burning into clinker process.Therefore, Rotary kiln is cement production in the mainframe, commonly known as the Cement Factory "heart."

6. In the area of environmental protection, the world's developed countries have used cement kilns to burn hazardous wastes and rubbish for more than 20 of years, which not only reduces waste and makes them harmless, but also uses waste as fuel to conserve pulverized coal and to recycle waste.

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