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Relying on science and technology to develop the productivity of energy-saving ball mills

Date: Ju 25,2018

Energy-saving Ball Mill to intelligent environmental protection of the three direction of development, to increase technological innovation, integration of scientific and technological resources, relying on major scientific and technological special, breakthrough core and key technology, the development of intelligence is the key.  It is the best way for mining machinery industry to adapt to the current economic development mode to accelerate the integration and take the road of product high end through independent innovation, and also the direction of the development of mine machinery in China.

Many years of non-rigid raw material processing have been applied during grinding of the Ball Mill. After the addition of high-efficiency separators, it has been applied again in the grinding process of cement. The energy-saving Ball Mill uses a greater pressure ratio in the grinding operation. The material, therefore, is more effective in the operation of the mill and accounts for half of the Ball Mill in terms of energy consumption.

 In the open-circuit grinding of energy-saving Ball Mills, drum conveyors are often used to transport dry materials, especially to Ball Mills. Compared to screw feeders, the feed size of the machine is larger, and it is used together with energy-saving Ball Mills in dry applications. In the cement method, because the minerals slide continuously on the drum feeder, the panel and arc plate on the feeder end are worn more seriously, and the wear of some components cannot be repaired. In other words, such equipment has to be Retired, this will undoubtedly increase the production cost of the company.

In addition, this process is generally automated process, and the same process of measurement and control process is also applicable to other materials, such as limestone, fly ash. As a large-scale crushing equipment, Ball Mill is widely used in building materials, metallurgy and other industrial industries.

and the specific grinding machine for the grinding of materials, but also rely on the mill inside the cylinder to complete the operation. Because the need for grinding Ball Mill is generally ore, cement Ball Mill needs very fine granularity, if the seal is not good, the dust will be very easy to invade into the bearing, so it is necessary to be in the mill during the operation of the bearing lubrication and its seal work. According to the requirements of the grinding of materials in the industrial production, the Henan Rui Light in the Ball Mill to replace the rolling bearing of the two-row spherical roller bearings, in the actual operation, its productivity has a certain increase.

The improved grinding machine has the advantages of low speed, heavy load and large grinding body, and can operate normally even in bad environment.

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