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Analysis of the Causes Affecting Production of Jaw Crusher

Date: Ju 22,2018
In the sand production line, when the Jaw Crusher output is low, even not to achieve the ideal factory output standards, users should do? Because to be produced broken material conditions are certain, that is, the material hardness and toughness conditions fixed, users can improve the following aspects to adjust the jaw crusher output, To ensure the stability of the supply voltage power supply in the field of production process, is to ensure a good state of production; the position of the jaw crusher motor is reversed, which affects the work of the motor; the size of the discharging port of the jaw crusher is small,Production output decline will also result in obstruction of the discharge port, so the size of the discharge port needs to be adjusted; displacement of the jaw plate of the jaw crusher will also affect the working status and work efficiency of the equipment, and it is necessary to ensure that the position of the fascia is appropriate. Jaw crusher after a period of use, the jaw plate structure and bearing wear increase the working gap, bearing relative rotation in the outer ring, making the output reduced, you can often check the wear condition of the jaws and bearings and replace them in time.

When the output of jaw crusher decreases, it is necessary to find the key of the problem according to the possible fault, find the problem in time and solve the problem, ensure the equipment can operate efficiently. Jaw Crusher Machine installation should be aware of the following:

(1) Since the Jaw crusher vibrates during operation, the machine should be installed on the concrete foundation. In order to reduce vibration, noise, and impact on the foundations of nearby buildings and structures, hardwoods are placed between the crusher and the concrete foundation. Pads, rubber bands, or other shock absorbing materials. Therefore, its installation and crusher have a great relationship. The crusher is a kind of gravel equipment mainly composed of feeding hopper, material feeder, vortex crushing cavity, impeller, main shaft, base, transmission device, bracket and so on. When installing, the crusher should be leveled so that the main shaft is perpendicular to the horizontal plane, and appropriate space should be reserved above and at both sides of the crusher for lifting and maintenance purposes. Stone impact crusher crusher equipment installation and debugging attention problems stone crusher equipment installation and debugging attention problems.

(2) The basis of the drainage trough to lay a layer of metal plate, and has enough tilt angle (depending on the material of the fluidity of cement mill to determine, not less than 50°), so as not to hinder the smooth discharge of broken products. Depending on the crushing site, stone crushing equipment will also be installed in different locations. When adjusting, the T-line bolts and tension springs should be loosened. (3) The size of the discharging port should be adjusted according to the required product granularity. Thereafter, adjust the spring preload to ensure the machine works, so that the thrust plate and thrust pad cling to. Use the top bolt to open the adjustment seat, insert or pump the corresponding thickness of the gasket, and then return the top bolts, adjust the cement production line of the entire seat in the dynamic jaw weight, close to the rack ear seat, while the gasket group pressure together.

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