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Motor, Detailed Parameters and Quote of 3020 Sand Washing Machine

Date: Ju 21,2018

The development of sand and gravel industry is a big era, the demand for washing sand (sand) equipment is only increasing, as a hot model 3020 sand washing machine is more attention, there are many users recently consulted 3020 sand washing machine How much motor? How are the technical parameters? Detailed quotation, etc. As a professional sand washing machine manufacturer, Xiao Bing consulted Redstar senior technical staff, for you to fully introduce the equipment parameters, quotes and other information.

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First, Motor Power of 3020 Sand Washer

For the conventional 2208, 2611, 2914 sand washing machine, this type of sand washing machine belongs to the large, equipped with a slightly higher power of the motor, processing capacity is much higher. In general, 3020 washing machine using the motor power is 8P 11Kw, processing capacity per hour in the 120t-200t range, in the purchase to identify parameters, the actual situation, reasonable selection of their own models.

For the convenience of the user to buy the machine, simple to the above three hot model washing machine Simple introduction:

1, 2208 sand washing machine: motor power 8P 4Kw, processing capacity 15t/h-40t/h.
2, 2611 sand washing machine: motor power 8P 5.5Kw, processing capacity 20t/h-65t/h.
3, 2914 sand washing machine: motor power 8P 7.5Kw, processing capacity 50t/h-100t/h.

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Second, Quote Details of 3020 Sand Washing Machine

About the 3020 sand washer detailed quotations, manufacturers have strict pricing rules, according to the equipment production costs of materials, labor, site, time and other costs, as well as the existing market price standards, more real and fair; in my company is Direct-selling manufacturers, in the process of equipment design, production, sales, etc., do not earn the difference by other manufacturers, and small profits but quick turnover, their own profit value is relatively low, so objectively, the equipment offer is quite affordable. Detailed quotation, you can make a free online inquiry.

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Third, Does 3020 Sand Washing Machine Have a High Clean Degree?

Then the important question came, 3020 washing machine washing degree is high? Of course, this is beyond doubt. When the equipment is working, the power device mainly depends on the V-belt, the speed reducer, and the gear to drive the impeller to rotate slowly. The impeller drives the sandstone to roll up and down and grinds each other to facilitate the removal of the impurities covered by the gravel surface. Without destroying the water vapor layer coated on the surface of the sand particles, a better dewatering and cleaning effect can be achieved, and the degree of cleanness is improved by 3-7 percentage points compared with the old sand washer.

3020 sand washing machine is a hot model in the market, with reasonable motor configuration, higher output, and a higher degree of cleaning. It is a better choice for users of sand washing. Welcome to consult at any time.

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