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The Procedures to Change Hammer for Impact Stone Crusher

Date: Ju 29,2015

Impact stone crusher is a new type of highly efficient crushing equipment and is widely used because of its characteristics such as simple structure, large crushing ratio, high production capacity, less energy consumption, uniform product particle size and selective crushing effect. In operation, hammer head is the main working part of impact stone crusher and plays an important role in the process of crushing. Due to the poor working environment and high strength and hardness of the processing materials, it is liable to leading to serious damages to the quick-wear parts. Since it is inevitable for the hammer head to be damaged, so what should we concern is how to quickly replace the crusher hammer?

Impact Stone Crusher

1. Clean up the scraps in the inlet and crushing cavity.

2. Fix the rotor disc of impact stone crusher on a proper location, then twist off the fixed bolts of the hammer head and draw them out with a special tool, cut the bumps caused by wear and tear on the both sides of the hammer.

3. Stabilize the hammer head, draw the pin shaft out and move the detached bolts, pin shaft, fixing sleeve, screws to the side, etc,, so as not to affect the work.

4. Check whether the weight of the new hammer is equal to the old one.

5. Rotate the rotor block and observe the clearance between the sieve plate and hammer, and adjust the sieve plate when necessary.

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