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Flotation Machine is the Collection of Modern Science

Date: Dec 02,2014

Flotation process makes use of material chemical treatment to obtain the hydrophobic gas (or lipophilic) characteristics, so as to gather the water - gas or water -oil interface to achieve the enrichment, separation and purification. Flotation process involves in many steps, the influence factors of these steps are very complex, which is mainly affected by the characteristics of ore concentration, material and liquid breaking ground components, agents of the variety, the amount of formula, stirring slurry, flotation equipment and process.

Flotation Machine

The process of flotation machine flotation is the collection of modern science, which includes chemistry, kinetics, thermodynamic power science, surface and colloid chemistry, rock mechanics. At present, the industrial minerals become depleted, fine and complex. In the development of metallurgical, chemical industry, environmental engineering and other fields, there are more requirements for flotation beneficiation process. Flotation machine is suitable for sorting non-ferrous metals such as copper, zinc, lead, nickel, gold, silver, molybdenum, lead, etc., in addition to ferrous metals , precious metals, non-metallic minerals (e.g. coal fluorite, talc, etc.),raw chemical materials and recycling of useful minerals. Flotation machine runs by the triangle belt of the electrical motor driving the impellor to rotate, producing centrifugal effect which will form negative pressure, and on one hand it will absorb sufficient air in order to mix with the pulp, and on the other hand it will mix the pulp in order to mix with the reagents, and at the same time will refine the foam in order to stick the minerals onto the foam, and float on the surface of the pulp in order to become mineralization foam. The workers can adjust the height of the flashboard and control the liquid level in order to scrap the useful foam.

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