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How Can Maintain the Technical Performance of Jaw Crusher?

Date: Ja 08,2014

Jaw crusher has very wide application in many industries such as mine, metallurgy, coal, chemistry and construction. However, after a crusher machine runs for a long time, its technical performance will decline, which may restrain normal production. To solve this problem, we can carry out technical reform to maintain its technical performance. The following methods can be applied to maintain the technical performance of jaw crusher.

jaw crusher

(1) Adopt a new technology to change the tooth plate of jaw crusher.

Before the technical reform, the fixed lining board and the machine frame are fixed with zinc filling and pouring, so that the time of changing the lining board is long and the labor intensity of workers is high. The new technology is carry out slag cleaning treatment on the back of the fixed tooth plate to make it basically smooth, and its groove is filled with zinc filling and pouring to make it form a plane with every ribbed plate. Install a buffer base plate made of 25mm thick aluminium sheet between the fixed tooth plate and the machine frame to reduce the impact between them, and compress the jaw plate and the buffer aluminium sheet with tooth plate fixed bolt to satisfy the running need of the equipment. Using this method to change the tooth plate of jaw crusher shortens the changing time, lowers the working strength of the labors and avoids environmental pollution.

(2) Reform the fixed tooth plate.

Before the reform, the fixed tooth plate is an integrated part. It is very difficult to change it in the pretty narrow space of the feeding mouth of jaw crusher. The bottom of the tooth plate is used for ore crushing, so that the abrasion is very serious, and when the abrasion reaches a certain degree and the ores discharged from the discharging mouth is bigger than 150~180mm, the follow-up crushing procedure will be influenced, which will bring negative influences to the production.

Regarding this problem, we can carry out optimization design on the integrated fixed tooth plate, and divided it into two parts, increases the thickness of the lower tooth plate to 160mm. When the lower tooth plate reaches the abrasion limit and cannot satisfy the requirement for the size of the crushed ores, reverse the tooth plate of jaw crusher and continue to use it, thus not only extending the service life of tooth plate and reducing the consumption of spare parts, but reducing the changing workload.

(3) Reform the oil baffle disc of main bearing of the connecting rod body.

When jaw crusher crushes materials, the connecting rod body will vibrate, and with the increase of running time, the ten M10mm bolts used for fixing the oil baffle disc reach the fatigue limit and they will break, which will cause the oil baffle disc to fall off and the lubricating grease of the main shaft bushing will leak out due to the loss of baffle, thus influencing the normal lubrication of the equipment. Regarding this problem, we can manufacture oil baffle disc by using cast aluminium material, thus reducing the self weight of the oil baffle disc, extending the service life of fixed bolt and ensuring the normal lubrication of the main shaft bushing of the connecting rod and safe and highly efficient operation of the equipment and creating good condition for the mining production.

Through the above-mentioned reform, the technical condition of jaw crusher is greatly improved, thus ensuring the normal proceeding of the crushing work and providing powerful equipment guarantee for the fulfillment of mine production task.

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