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Technical Reformation of Jaw Crusher in Stone Production Line

Date: Ja 08,2014

The development of jaw crusher is in constant progress. And its technical level has been improved continuously and steadily. In order to adapt to coarse, medium and fine crushing works of various soft and medium hardness ores in stone production line, jaw crushing machine is continuously improved. Through constant innovation and improvement, jaw crusher machine has reformed in technology, which realizes high productivity and efficiency in production of mechanism construction materials.

jaw crusher machine

Along with the rising of infrastructure construction, demands for mechanism building materials increase significantly, and the production equipment of mechanism building materials is also more and more. In order to produce more high-quality sand aggregate, the improved rock jaw crusher has integrated advantages of sand maker and stone crusher equipment, which has been widely used in sand and stone production lines.

The new jaw crusher adopts modern electromechanical integration technology and control methods, which greatly increase automation degree, reduce labor intensity of workers and improve production efficiency. In order to requirements of customers, the jaw rock crusher is developing towards serialization, normalization and large scale. The reformed jaw crusher can adjust discharging granularity by means of various ways, for example, adjusting speed of rotor, adjusting impact plate, adjusting clearance of grinding cavity and so on.

The emergence of stone jaw crusher brings brand-new development space to production and supply of sand aggregate used in infrastructure construction. Working principle of jaw crusher is similar to hammer crusher, which both use impact energy to crush materials. Jaw crusher insists on innovation and starts a new era of development for China Crusher industry. As highly efficient crushing equipment, jaw crusher gradually gets rid of single product introduction and imitation, which plays a significant role in crusher industry. And technical level of jaw crusher machine has also promoted development of the whole crusher industry. For more information about jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and other mechanical equipment, please visit our website:

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